REVISED 2012 Applied Physics-I Syllabus Mumbai University

Revised 2012 Applied Physics-I Syllabus Mumbai University

REVISED 2012 Applied Physics-I Syllabus Mumbai University

Syllabus For Applied Physics 1

Crystallography: Space lattice, Unit Cell, Lattice parameters, Bravais lattices and Crystal systems, Cubic
crystal system & lattices; Density & Packing Fraction; Miller indices of crystallographic planes &
directions; interplanar distance; Diamond structure, NaCl structure, HCP structure, BaTiO3structure;
Ligancy and Critical radius ratio; Determination of crystal structure using X-ray diffraction techniques
viz. Laue method, rotating crystal method (Bragg method) & powder method; Real crystals & point-defects; photonic crystals; Liquid crystal phases and application in LCD ( with brief introduction of
optical polarization). 

Energy bands of solids and classification of solids; Concepts of holes, effective mass; drift mobility and
conductivity in conductors, intrinsic semiconductors and extrinsic semiconductors; Fermi-Dirac
distribution function and Fermi energy level in  a conductor, insulator, intrinsic & extrinsic
semiconductor; Effect of impurity concentration and temperature on the Fermi Level; Hall Effect (applied electric field along x-axis and applied magneticfield along z-axis) and its application.
Drift and Diffusion of charge carriers across the Energy band structure of P-N Junction leading to formation of depletion region and potential barrier; concept of carrier current densities in p-n junction in equilibrium, forward bias and reverse bias; Usesof p-n junction in Light emitting diode (LED), photo-conductors & photovoltaic solar cells. 


Dielectric material, dielectric constant, polarization, portability & its types; relative permittivity;
Piezoelectrics, Ferroelectrics, Applications of dielectric materials – Requirement of good insulating
material, some important insulating material.
Origin of magnetization using Atomic Theory; classification of magnetic materials based on
Susceptibility value; Qualitative treatment of Langevin’s and Weiss equation for Dia, Para and Ferro
magnetic materials (no derivation); Microstructure of ferromagnetic solids- Domains and Hysteresis loss;
Soft & hard magnetic materials and their uses; Magnetic circuits and microscopic Ohm’s Law. 


Introduction to architectural acoustics; reverberation and Sabine’s formula; Common Acoustic defects
and Acoustic Design of a hall
Ultrasonic Waves and their applications; Methods of production of ultrasonic waves (Piezoelectric
Oscillator & Magnetostriction Oscillator)

Books Recommended:
1.  A Textbook of Engineering physics – Avadhanulu & Kshirsagar, S.Chand
2.  Applied Solid State Physics – Rajnikant, Wiley india
3.  Engineering Physics- Uma Mukherji ( third edition), Narosa
4.  Engineering Physics – R.K.Gaur & S.L. Gupta, Dhanpat Rai publications
5.  Solid State physics – A.J. Dekker, Macmillan Student Edition
6.  Modern Engineering Physics – Vasudeva, S.Chand
7.  Solid State Physics- Charles kittle, EEE Pbl
8.  Concepts of Modern Physics- Arther Beiser, Tata Mcgraw Hill