Engineering Admission -Factor to be Considered | MHT-CET

Engineering Admission -Factor to be Considered | MHT-CET


The World growing rapidly with Technology,Knowledge,Education,culture,economy.In India the rate of learning education increases as Indian growing rapidly with the World.Today Education is primary need of every person to move with the World.
In India Engineering is the one of the Top most course.People hurry to find where the Career growth and which field of education is more demanded with Qualification.More than 1000 Engineering colleges available in India with different Universities. Out of which is to be select and which is to be best, is quite difficult to choose for student.

Today in India Education  became a Business , where Service provided by Particular University with particular Institutes. The investor in this business is Student with their Sponsors (Parents) .As sponsors invest hard earned money in this Business expect with Profit in Term of Marks,ranks and Placement.This Business need to understand better need Out-sourcing by Terms of  Classes which gives you Quality of Education.
The good thing in India is Government passed Right to Education (RTE) Law,which is  need to be follow each Institutes.With help of Technology today Centralized Exam and Admission Process is possible.This Season in Maharashtra with Centralized Admission Process (CAP) rounds for taking admission in Engineering/Technology 1st Year for 2012-2013 batch.
Before filling option form and selecting Colleges and Universities ,following Important Factor to be considered ,as Students join in college in a hurry even without knowing anything about the college/University and later they realize their mistake.

This very important factor for engineering admission , this days engineering college fee touch to 1,00,000/year* , which is big amount in it. So before considering any college first go to find for respective college fees.As it investment for 4yrs=4,00,000/-,near 4Lakhs only included College fees but in Considering each semester stationary: 6*books x 250minimum =1200*8 semester=9600/- near to 10,000 only for Books  ,Due to some Quality of Education need to join Class which has minimum 4000/- fee x 6subjects=24000×8 semester=1,92,000/-
If we add total what we get total amount =6,02,000/*-Near about 6Lakhs Investment
So before Investment ask to your parents whether they can effort and your mentally and physically agree on the choice.
*Calculated amt may vary according to caste or based on choice Its just a standard example.

The distance between the college and your home/hostel should also be considered while taking the decision. Students who plan to stay in a hostel do not have mush any issue. But this is second important Factor while getting Admission in Engineering. as traveling  kill half of Energy which may affect their academic result. The traveling should be less than 3hrs per day as most of college for 8-9hrs per day. Because energy and time should be remain after arriving to home or Hostel for Daily Study.If you are going to plan for Hostel most important thing is Food , ask for Mesh and its quality from senior if available.
 People most attracted towards demanding field and Most famous Institutes for Infrastructure , Quality Of Education ,Experienced faculty ,its Accreditation from AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education),Placement and Training cell. There are various kind of Student , those who has interest and seeking for that field,those who has not interest but still have choice because of demand,those has no choice but still want to Engineer. So better to think and Categorize your choice. 

Co – curriculum – extra curricular activities

Student should give an equal priority by conducting co-curriculum activities like quiz, essay writing, paper presentation and also extra curriculum activities like games, cultural programs and NSS programs. These activities helps to improve  will – power and presentation skills, organized skills, communication skills and socialization skills which are also considered at the time of JOB


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