How to Study and Crack MHT-CET 2012

How to Study and Crack MHT-CET 2012

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  The Maharashtra Health and Technology Common Entrance Test ( MHT-CET 2011) result this time change the whole Scenario! This time there is big difference between 2010-11 and 2011-12 batch result! Most of the student said MHT-CET paper is tough and time consuming!According me most of the CET papers are easy but some of them time-consuming but not for those Hard-worker Students!

The Maharashtra Health and Technology Common Entrance Test” MHT-CET-2012
for all Health Sciences, Engineering and Pharmacy degree courses for the academic year 2012-2013,MHT-CET-2012 exam date  Thursday, 10th May 2012.
Best Of Luck guyz ,do well…!

  Most of the students think that MHT-CET is tough to crack, but its not true! MHT-CET crack easily but need more Conceptual efforts , Well Time Management skill, presence of mind! Hard-work should do in proper way…….
  Three Main skills to crack MHT-CET
1)Conceptual efforts
2)Time Management
3)Presence Of Mind
  This three skills you can develop into yourself by more carefully reading and practicing skill!
Even Maharashtra state board published their Books, as Before that Some Of Books are Sanctioned By Maharashtra State Board,mean difficulty also minimizing.
  MHT-CET can also crack without classes also if u follow this things properly
1)Buy New Books which published by Maharashtra State Board
2)Read and solve problems of Books
3)At the time of reading take/buy Hi-Lighter and Hi-Light Those Important points
4)Make separate Note Book for each subject to note the important points ,formulas according to Chapter wise
5)After Reading that chapter try to read more from Sanctioned Books such as “Physics-S. Y. Gambhir” , “Chemistry-Fundamental Of Chemistry+Systematic Chemistry” ,”Mathematics-Chitale and Joshi”
6)Make a group of friend and buy MHT-CET Books from different publications such as for example if u buy Navneet publication then ask your friend to buy Marvel or Vidya-Bharathi publication
(We are not advertising any publication there are many books available in the market
7)Read those books Chapters summery,short-cuts and collect important points and note it down in your respective Note-Books
8)As we all know Human brain has volatile in nature after some period of weeks, it get weak again so open that Note-Book and just summarize it! Assume that its daily dose for your brain to become Sharp!
9)Take 50 Questions from MHT-CET brought book/Class Notes and set up the time! Think that your originally giving this CET!
10)Remember one important think, if u buy those book u will  also get CET paper instruction read it carefully and with demo sheet and OMR  Anwser sheet which have 100,200,300 options!

You can also download suitable OMR Sheet from

Original Source:
take printout of any OMR sheet sample then take  no. of Xerox Copies as you need to practice! Remember More Practice More Perfect with Subject!
11)Use OMR sheet for Practice! (This is very Important).Because most student do wrongly in exam and even if they get ans due to this mistakes marks lose! Use that sheet to practice and solve try to solve Questions within time as 50Questions/30mint for theory and 50Question/40mint for numerical problems! Remember one thing , if u find difficulty in any Question try to solve later first solve those which easy and less time consuming!
12)In the CET each second is important so in your practice section you must give more importance!
13)After time up give it to check to u r Brother,sister or parents. Then after checking check each answer and remember those answer or Note it Down into your Note-Book!
14)Do habit of this, and do daily practice! Give at least 2hr/Day for CET nothing but carefully reading and collect IMP points solve at least 100 Questions OF CET with time relation within your 12th life

Conceptual Effort:

This skill will automatically grow as u follow above steps Seriously.(Reading,Numerical Practices)

Time Management:

This skill will develop if you follow to solve CET Question with Clock tie up.
Try to solve as 50Questions/30mints(Theory) | 50Questions/40mints(Numerical)

Presences Of Mind: 

This skill will automatically improve if do daily practice and Give Same Importance as Original Exam! Practice will u make Perfect!

According Me for the subjects of PCM (Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics )

Follow for Each chapter


1)Read and collect imp points from Maharashtra State Board Book
2)After It read and collect imp point from Physics S. Y. Gambhir

3)Solve Numerical from 1st Maharashtra State Board,2nd S Y Gambhir, 3rd Bangavi,4th CET books/class notes


1)Read and collect imp points from Maharashtra State Board Book

2)After It read and collect imp point from ” Fundamental Of Chemistry” & “Systematic Chemistry”

3)Solve Numerical from 1st Maharashtra State Board,2nd  Fundamental Of Chemistry, 3rd Systematic Chemistry,4th CET books/class notes


1)Solve numerical from Maharashtra State Board Book
2)After Solve  numerical from “Chitale and Joshi”

3)Using Short cuts solve numerical from 1st Maharashtra State Board,2nd Chitale & Joshi, 3rd  CET books/class notes

  There are many shortcuts, methods, formulas can be retrieve from MHT-CET Books,class notes summery . Note it down and do remember it   

Above three subject most of the time physics is time consuming so if u solve chemistry first it consume less time as compare to physics.By solving chemistry save the time and then use it effectively for Physics! For Maths there is more time if remember Shortcut methods.

Finally if follows above with three own 3-NoteBooks will get Success
If you follow this timetable or method you will surely  crack coming  MHT-CET  paper ! Please comment if  you have any doubt or Queries 

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