1. Introduction

Software    Engineering   Process   Paradigms    –  Process  Models   –  Incremental   and
Evolutionary models, Agile methodology – Process and Project Metrics – Software
estimation   –   Empirical   estimation   models   –   Cost/Effort   estimation   –   Planning   –
Risk analysis – Software project scheduling, Control & Monitoring.

2. Requirements Analysis and Engineering
Prototyping – Specification – Analysis Modeling – Various Techniques in Software
requirement analysis and system specification

3. Software Design
Software    Design  –  Abstraction  –  Modularity   –  Software  Architecture  –  Effective
modular design – Cohesion and Coupling –   Architectural design – Distributed system
Architectures   and   Application   Architectures,   Procedural   design   –   Data   flow/Control
flow oriented design – Reuse based design – case studies from different domains.
User Interface Design – Human Factors – Interface standards – Design Issues – User
Interface Design Process – Evaluation.

4. Software Configuration Management
Software Configuration items – SCM process – Identification of objects in software
configuration – version and change control – configuration audit – status reporting,
SCM standards and SCM issues.

5. Software Quality and Testing
Software Quality Assurance – Quality metrics
Software Reliability – Software testing – Path Testing – Control Structures Testing
–   Black  Box   Testing   –  Integration,  Validation  and  system   testing  –  Software
Maintenance – Reverse Engineering.

6. Web Engineering
For   web   based   applications  –  attributes,  analysis,  design  and  testing.  Security
Engineering,    Service-Oriented    Software   Engineering,   Aspect–Oriented    Software
Development and Test Driven Development.

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Software Engineering Notes By Prof. Tilottama Roy-Nair