1.  Organizational Performance: IT support and Applications.
 Doing   Business   in   the   Digital   Economy,   Business   pressures,   organizational   performance   and
 responses   and  IT   support,  Information   Systems   and  Information  Technology,    the   adaptive,
 Agile, Real time Enterprise, Information Technology Development and Trends.

 2. IT Support Systems: Concepts and Management
 Information    Systems   Concepts    and  Definitions,  Classifications   and  Types   of  Information
 Systems, How IT supports People and Organizational Activities, How It supports Supply Chains
 and   Enterprise   Systems,   Information    Systems   Infrastructure  and   Architecture,   Emerging
 Computing Environments : SaaS, SOA and more, Managerial issues.

 3. E Commerce and E Business:
 Overview    of   E   Business   and  E   commerce,   Major  EC   Mechanisms,   Business   to   Consumer
 applications, B2B Applications, Major models of E Business : From E-Government to C2C, e
 Commerce   Support   Services   :   Advertising   Payments   and   order  Fulfillment,   Ethical  and   legal
 issues in E Business, Managerial Issues.

    4.  IT Compliance: Functional Applications and Transaction Processing
 Functional    informational   Systems,   transaction  processing    Information   systems,   Managing
 Production / Operations and Logistics, Managing Marketing and Sales Systems, Managing the
 accounting and   Finance  Systems,   Managing   human Resource  Systems,   Integrating   Functional
 Information Systems, How IT supports compliance, Managerial Issues.

    5.  Understanding Enterprise Systems: Supply Chain
 Essentials   of   Enterprise   systems  and   supply   chains,  supply  chain  challenges,   supply   chain
 opportunities,   Business   value  of  Enterprise  systems,  Enterprise  resource   planning  systems,
 Business    Process   Management,     Product    life  cycle  Management,    Customer     Relationship
 Management, Managerial Issues

 6. Global and Interorganizational Information Systems:
 Interorganizational Activities and order fulfillment, Interorganizational information Systems and
 Virtual Corporations,   Global   Information   Systems,   Facilitating   IOS and  Global  Systems   from
 Demand      driven  Networks    to  RFID,    Interorganizational   Information    Integration,  Partner
 relationship Management and collaborative commerce, Managerial issues. 

7. Managing Knowledge
Introduction    to  Knowledge    Management,     Organizational   Learning   and  Memory,    knowledge
management      activities,  Approaches   to  Knowledge    management,     Information   Technology    in
Knowledge Management, knowledge Management Systems implementation, Roles of people in
knowledge management, Ensuring Success of KM Efforts, Managerial Issues.

8. Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence:
A    framework     of  Business    Intelligence:   concepts    and   Benefits,   Business    Analytics:    Online
analytical processing reporting and querying, Data  Text Web mining and Predictive  Analytics,
Data   Visualization,   Geographical   Information   Systems   and   virtual   reality,   real   time   business
intelligence,   and   competitive   Intelligence,   Business   Performance   Management   Scorecards   and
Dashboards, Managerial Issues.

9. Managerial Decision making and IT support systems
Managers       and   Decision    making,     Decision    support    systems,:   for  Individuals     groups    and
Enterprise, Intelligent Support Systems : The basics, Expert Systems, Other intelligent systems,
Automated Decision Support (ADS), Managerial Issues.

10. IT: Strategic objectives and Planning
IT Strategic Alignment, Competitive Forces Model, Value Chain Model, Strategic Resources and
Capabilities,   IT   Planning,   Interorganizational   and   international   IT   planning,   Managing   the   IS
department, Managerial issues.

11.Economics of IT
Financial and Economic Trends and the productivity paradox, Evaluating IT investment: Benefits
Costs and Issues, Methods for evaluating and justifying IT Investment, IT Economics strategies:
Chargeback   and   Outsourcing,   Economic   aspects   of   IT   and   Web   Based   Systems,   Managerial

12.  IT Application Acquisitions and Options
The landscape and framework of IT Application Acquisition, Identifying Justifying and planning
IT  systems applications,   Acquiring   IT  applications: available  options, Outsourcing,   application
service     providers    and    utility  computing,      selecting   an   acquisition    approach     and    other
implementation       issues,  Connecting     to  Databases,    Enterprise   systems    and   Business    Partners,
Business Process Redesign, Managerial Issues.

13. IT Infrastructure
Overview of Databases, Warehouses, Network Computing, Wireless Devices and application.
Case study on the above topics.

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