Object Oriented Analysis and Design Syllabus

 Object Oriented Analysis and Design

1. Review of Object Orientation

Class and objects, effect of inheritance on polymorphism and variable declarations,
concepts that define object orientation. 

2. Requirements

Developing requirements, reviewing requirements, managing requirements, Difficulties
and risks in domain and requirement analysis, requirement documents, Case studies and
discussion on the above topics.

3. Unified Modeling Language

Visual modeling with UML, Use case model- use case, actor, and roles, Modeling with
classes – association, multiplicity, generalization, process of creating class diagram –
difficulties and risks in creating class diagram.
Modeling interaction and behavior – interaction diagrams,  state diagram and activity
diagram, implementing classes based on interaction and  state diagram- difficulties and
risks in modeling interactions and behavior.

4. Architecting and Designing Software

The process of design, design principles, architectural patterns, design document,
difficulties and risks in design.
Frameworks: reusable subsystem. Design patterns – Singleton, observer, adapter, Façade,
proxy with examples 

5. Implementation

Mapping models to Code, Mapping Object Model to Database Schema

6. Usability, Testing and Quality 

Usability Principles- user interface design evaluating user interfaces
Testing and Quality – strategies, defects, test cases and test plan, inspections, quality

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– A practical software development using UML and Java”, Tata McGraw-Hill, New

2. Mike O’Docherty “Object-Oriented Analysis & design – understanding system
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6. Ali Bahrami, “Object Oriented System Development”, McGraw Hill.
7. David William Brown, “An Introduction to Object Oriented Analysis Objects and
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