Microprocessors AND Microcontrollers Syllabus


1.   Introduction  to 8086  Microprocessor  &  Architecture

Introduction to Microprocessors, Architecture of 8086 family, 8086 Hardware Design, Minimum
mode & Maximum mode of Operation. Study of bus controller 8288 & its use in Maximum
mode. System Timing diagram.

2.   8086  Instruction  set  &  Programming  :

Addressing modes, Instruction Set, Assembly Language Programming, Mixed Language Programming,
Programs based on Stacks, Strings, Procedures, Macros, Timers, Counters & delay

3.   Introduction  to 8051  Micro-controllers

Microprocessors vs microcontrollers, The 8051 microcontroller architecture, 8051 assembly
language pProgramming , jump,loop, and call instructions, i/o port Programming, 8051 addressing
modes, arithmetic & logic instructions and Programs, 8051 programming in c

4.   Hardware  interfacing  for  Micro-controllers

8051 hardware connection and Intel hex file, 8051 timer programming in assembly and c, 8051
serial port programming in assembly and c, interrupts programming in assembly and c, icd and
keyboard interfacing, adc, dac, and sensor interfacing, 8051 interfacing to external memory, 8051
interfacing with the 8255, DS12887 RTC interfacing and programming, motor control: relay,
pwm, dc, and stepper motors

5.   Introduction  to PIC  micro-controllers
Introduction to Microchip PIC family of Micro-controllers and development 
tools. CPU architecture and instruction set, Harvard Architecture and 
Pipelining. Program memory considerations, Register file structure and  
addressing modes, CPU Registers, Instruction set.
Text Books
1.  Microprocessors  and Interfacing,  Douglas  V  Hall,  Tata  Mc  Gram Hill 
2.  The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded systems By Muhammad Ali 
Mazidi, Pearson Education Asia LPE   
3.  8051 Micro-controller programming and practice  By Mike  Predcko 
4.  Microchip Midrang Embedded Micro-controllers  Handbook 
5.  Intel or  Atmel MCS 51  family Micro-controllers  data  Sheets. 
6.  Design with PIC  Micro-controllers By John B.  Peatman,  Pearson Education Asia  LPE 
 a.  The  8086/8088  Family,  John Yffenbuck,  Pearson Media,LPE 
b.  Kenneth Ayala. The 8051 Micro controller Architecture, Programming and
application, Penram International.   
c.  Rajkamal,  Embbeded Systems,  Tata  McGraw  Hill