Data Structure & Algorithms Syllabus


1.  Revisiting Java programming construct

Classes types, and objects, Methods, Expressions, Control flow, Arrays, input and output,
Packages, Utilities in the java. Lang package

2.  Object Oriented Design & Analysis of Algorithms

Inheritance and polymorphism, Exceptions, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, and Casting,
Recursion and Other Design patterns, Pseudo-Code, Simple justification Techniques

Measures algorithmic complexity, Space complexity, Time complexity, Some mathematics
needed in measuring complexity, The big O-notation used in measuring complexity

3.  Stacks, Queues, and Recursion

Recursion, Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Double-ended Queues

4.  Vectors, List, and Sequences

Vectors and Array Lists, Lists Sequences, Favorite lists and the move-to Front Heuristic

5.  Trees

The tree Abstract Data Type, basic Algorithms on Tree, binary Tree, data Structures for
representing Tree

6.  Priority queues

The priority queues Abstract data Type, Implementing a Priority queues with a List, Heaps,
Adaptable priority queues

7.  Maps and dictionaries

The map Abstract data type, Hahs Tables, The dictionary data Type, Skip Lists, Extensions
and Applications for dictionaries 
8.  Search Trees

Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Splay Trees, (2,4) Trees, Red-Black Trees, External
searching in B-Trees

9.  Sorting Sets, and Selection

Merge Sort and radix Sort, and A Lower Bound on comparison-based Sorting

BUCKET Sort and radix Sort, the complexity of some sorting algorithms, comparison of Sorting
Algorithms, The Set ADT and union / file Structures

10. Text Processing

String operations, Pattering Matching Algorithms, Tries, Text comparison  , Text similarity

11. Graphs

The graph Abstract Data Type, Data Structures for Graphs, Graph Traversals
Directed Graphs, Weighted Graphs, Shortest Paths, Minimum spanning Trees

Text Book

1. Micheal Goodrict, Roberto Tamassia,(2007) Data Structure and Algorithm in Java 3RD

Edition Wiley India
2. Langsam Data Structutre  using JAVA, Pearson Education
3. Jhon R.HubbardSchaum’s outline of data structures with JAVA McGraw Hill
4. Hubbard, Data Structure with JAVA, Pearson Education   

Reference book

• Adam Drozdek (2001) Data Structures and Algorithms in JAVA, 1ST
Singapore: Thomson Asia Pte Ltd (ISBN 0534-37668-1)
• Nell Dta, Daniel T. Joyce, Chip Weems (2004) Object Oriented Dta Structures Using
 Edition, New Delhi: Narosa Publising House
• Kunth, Donald E.(1973). The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1/Fundamental
Algoritn=ms, 3RD
 Edition, Addison-Wesley. 

Data Structure Programs in JAVA