Engineering Mechanics (REVISED 2007)


Engineering Mechanics

 01           1.1 Systems of Coplanar Forces:-   05hr
            Resultant of concurrent forces, parallel forces & Non concurrent Non parallel
            system of forces. Moment of Force about any point, Couples, Varignon’s
            Theorem. Distributed forces in plane.
            1.2 Introduction to Centroid & Centre of Gravity, Introduction to Moment of 05hr            Inertia & its theorem.

02           2.1 Equilibrium of system of coplanar forces :-   06 hr
            Condition of equilibrium for concurrent forces, Parallel forces & Non
            concurrent Non parallel general system of forces & couples.
            2.2Types of supports, loads, beams. Determination of reactions at supports for 04 hr
            various types of loads on beams.
            2.3 Analysis of plane trusses by using Method of Section and Method of  04
03           3.1 Friction :-  05 hr
            Introduction to laws of friction, Cone of friction, Equilibrium of bodies on
            inclined plane. Application of problems involving wedges, ladders, screw
            3.2 Belt friction: transmission of power by belts and ropes, centrifugal and  05
            initial tension in the belts and ropes. Condition of maximum power
            transmission. Flat belts and flat pulleys & ropes on grooved pulleys.
04           4.1 Kinematics of Particle:- 10 hr
            Velocity and acceleration in terms of rectangular coordinate system,
            Rectilinear motion. Motion along plane curved path. Tangential and Normal
            components of acceleration. Motion Curves (a-t, v-t, s-t curves). Projectile
            motion. Relative motion.
05           5.1 Kinematics of Rigid Bodies  06 hr
            Introduction to general plane motion, Instantaneous center of rotation for the
            velocity, velocity diagrams for bodies in plane motion,(up to two linkage
06          6.1 Kinetics of particles 06 hr
           Introduction of basic concepts., Newton’s second law, work energy principle,
           D’Alembert’s principles, equation of dynamic equilibrium.
           6.2 Moment of Energy principles: Linear momentum, principle of  04hr
           conservation of momentum, Impact of solid bodies, direct and oblique
           impact, impact of solid bodies, semi elastic impact and plastic impact.

List of Experiments.

As per University syllabus                                          List of conducted  Experiments.
• Polygon law of coplanar forces (concurrent)         •  Beam Reactions
• Non-concurrent non-parallel(general)                    •  Funicular polygon
• Bell crank lever                                                         •  Jib crane
• Support reaction for beam                                       •  Friction
• Simple/ compound pendulum                                   •  Simple pendulum
• Inclined plane (to determine coefficient of            •  Fly wheel
• Collision of elastic bodies(Law of conservation
 of momentum
• Moment of inertia of fly wheel.
• Screw fiction by using screw jack
 Any other experiment based on above syllabus.