Computer Programming II (REVISED 2007)


Computer Programming – II

Syllabus In Detail:-

Module-     Introduction to Java  05hr                                                                
01          • Characterizing Java as a enabler of contemporary software engineering
            paradigms- as a platform, simple Programming Environment, Object-
            Oriented, Platform Independent, Safe. High Performance, Java is Multi-
            Threaded, dynamically linked, Java is Garbage Collected
            • Saving files on Windows, compiling and Running
            • Increment and decrement operators
            • Print statements, variables and Data Types, Comments
            • Command line arguments
            • Objects, Static Fields, Methods
            • Passing Arguments to Methods; Returning values from methods.
Module-     Primitive Data Types in Java 
02          • Java Operators, Literals, Identifiers. key words in Java
            • Addition of Integers in Java, Multiplication and division in Java
            • The Remainder or Modulus Operator in Java
            • Operator Precedence in Java, Mixing Data Types
            • Converting Strings to Numbers, The char data type in Java
            • The if, else, else-if statement in Java
            • The While loop, The for loop, The do while loop in Java
            • Booleans, Relational Operators, relational Operator Precedence
            • Break, Continue, The switch statement in Java
            • The? : operator in Java , Logical Operators in Java

                                 Object Oriented Programming

            • Constructing objects with new, Methods, Invoking Methods
            • Implied this , Member Variables vs. Local Variables
            • Passing Arguments to Methods, Returning Multiple Values From Methods,
            • Access Protection, The four Levels of Access Protection 

Module-     Arrays a Data Structure in JAVA 10HR                                                     
03          • Declaring Arrays, Creating Arrays, Initializing Arrays
            • System array copy ()
            •Multi-dimensional arrays
            • Strings
            • Try –catich
            •The finally keyword
            • Catching multiple exception
            • The throws keyword. Throwing exceptions 
Module-     Inheritance   05hr                                                                       
04          • Inheritance : the superclass
            • Multilevel Inheritance
            • final and abstract keyword
            •Implementing Interfaces
            •Overriding Methods
            •Adding Methods
            • Subclasses and Polymorphism
            • To String () Methods
            • Using  to siring() Methods
            •Rules for to String() Method
            • Static Members
Module-     Multithreaded programming  10hr                                                          
05          • Creating threads. extending the thread class
            • Stopping and blocking a thread
            • Lifecycle of a thread
            • Using thread methods, thread exceptions. thread priority
            • Synchronization
            • The Java Packages & Class Library
            • Wrapping Your Own Packages
            •Naming Packages
            •Documentation for the class library
            • Importing classes
            •Package Imports
            • Name conflicts when importing packages
            •The java lang package
            •  The lang Math , java util vector, java lang String,
            Java util Random, java util Hashtable java util date java util calendar.
Module-     HTML    05hr                                                                             
06          • Attributes , URLs, Links
            • The APPLET Element, Naming Applets
            •JAR Archives, The OBJECT Element
            • Passing Parameters to Applets
            • the Basic Applet Life Cycle, init(), start(), stop(), and destroy()
            • The coordinate system, Graphic Objects. Loading Images
            •Code and Document Bases, Drawing Images at Actual Size
            • Scaling Images, Coior, fonts.
1 Computing concepts with java 2 essentials by CAY HORSTMANN 2 Edition WILEY
   INDIA ISBN 81-265-0931-9
2. Programming with JAVA Primer, E Balagurusamy 3             Edition, Tata McGRAW –Hill,
   ISBN 0-07-061713-9
Reference books:
1 Big java by CAY HORSTMANN ,, 2 Edition, WILEY INDIA ISBN 81-265-0879-5
2 The Complete reference JAVA , Herbert schildt, Seventh Edition , Tata McGRAW –Hill,
   ISBN 0-07-063677-X.