Computer Programming 1 (REVISED 2007)


Computer Programming 1 (CP 1)

 1.    Structured Programming using C++ :05hr
    •  C++ as a superset of C programming language
    •  C++      Fundamentals:     Character   Set,  Identifiers  and  keywords,   Data   Types,   Constants,   and
         Variables    Declarations,   Operators   &   Expressions,   Library   functions,  statements,   Symbolic
         Constants, Preprocessor directives.

2.   Data Input and Output : 06hr
    •  getchar(), putchar(), scanf(), printf(), gets(), puts(), cin, cout, setw(), endl etc.
    •  Control Statements :
         if-else, while, do-while, go to, for statements, nested control structures, switch, break, continue
         statements, comma operator.

3.   Functions : 08hr
    • Functions prototypes, passing arguments to a function by value and by reference recursion, over
         loading functions, storage classes
    • Arrays :
         Defining – processing array, passing arrays to function, Introduction to Multidimensional arrays,
         Arrays and strings.

4.   Pointers : 07hr
    • Declarations, Referencing and de-referencing, passing pointers to functions, pointer to functions,
         pointer to arrays Creation and manipulation of linked list.
    • Structures and Unions : Defining and processing a structure.

5.  •  Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in C++ 08hr
    • Classes, Objects, data encapsulation, access specifies : private, public and protected, inheritance
         in details, operator overloading of Unary and Binary arithmetic operators, virtual functions, pure
         virtual functions.

6.  06hr
• late binding, friend functions, Object as function parameter, overriding functions and over loaded
         constructors, copy constructor, static class members.

Suggested Experiments :-
1)  Five programs developed under control structures using C++.
     2) Ten program under arrays, functions and structures using C++.
     3) Ten debugged program listing demonstrating Object oriented constructs and concepts.
 Programs should be debugged (hand written & computer print- out ) and should have suitable
Recommended compilers turbo C++/Borland C++ or visual C++

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Reference Books:
• Programming in C++ Balagurusamy, Tata McGraw Hill
• Programming in C++ schuam out line series
• Let us C, Yaswant Kanetkar, BPB publications
• Practical C++, programming ‘O’ Reilly
• Algorithms with C++, ‘O’ Reilly.