Applied Physics II (REVISED 2007)


Applied Physics -II

Syllabus In Detail:-
Module-     Optics:        12hr                                                                             
01           ? Interference in thin films, wedge shaped films and Newton’s rings,
            applications of interference.
             ? Fraunhoffer diffraction through double slit and diffraction grating. grating
            spectra, resolving power of grating.
             ? Total internal reflection materials & types of optical fibres. numerical
            aperture, modes of propagation, v-number, attenuation, dispersion & other
            losses in fibres, applications.
Module-     LASERs:   
02           ? Absorption, spontaneous & stimulated emission, population inversion,
                metastable state, pumping schemes, active medium, resonant cavity,
                derivation for Einstein’s coefficients.
             ? He-Ne laser, Nd:UAG laser, semiconductor diode laser introduction to
                molecular and tuneable lasers.
             ?Application of lasers to holography, Memory reading and writing & other
Module-     Foundations of Quantum mechanics:
03           ? de’ Broglie’s hypothesis, group & phase velocity, wave packet.   06 hr
               uncertainty principle & its applications.
             ? Wave function and probabilistic interpretation. one dimensional time
                dependent Schrödinger equation. reduction to time independent form.
                application to free particle and particle in a box.
             ? Introduction to quantum computing.
Module-     Magnetic Materials & circuits:
04           ?Atomic origin of magnetization, magnetic moment of atom diamagnetism.                                                                            06hr
            Langevin’s theory of paramagnetism and curie’s law’ theory of
             ? Magnetic circuits, magnetomotive force, reluctance. permeance, Ohm’s
            law for magnetic circuit, relation between mmf & “H”, magnetic circuit due
            to solenoid, Hysterics.
             ? Ferrites, soft and hard magnetic materials and their applications.
Module-     Bio- Physics.
05  ? Introduction and scope molecular modeling, energy transfer & energy  04 hr                 
            cycles, biomechanics, neurobiophysics.
             ? Tools spectroscopy- UV/Visible. IR , use of NMR microscopy- SEM,
Module-     Vacuum technology:
06           ?Basic definitions, units, low, high and ultrahigh vacuum, methods of
             ? Vacuum pumps- rotary, diffusion. vacuum gauges piram penning
             ? Application to thin films. , microelectronics. Nanotechnology. plasma

1. Fundamentals of Physics, Holliday/ Resnick white India 6           edi.
2. Fundamentals of optics, Jenkins & white Me Graw-Hill Int.
3. Understanding Physics, Cummins, wiley India
4. Modem Engineering physics A S Vasudeva S shand