Applied Physics I (REVISED 2007)

 Applied Physics I (AP 1)
1.   Crystallography & X-rays : 12HR
      Lattice, basis, crystal axes, unit cells, lattice parameters & crystal systems, SC, BCC,
        FCC, diamond, NaCl, zinc blend and HCP crystal structures, Miller indices, planes &
        directions, Liquid crystals & phases, LCD display & its specifications.
    •  X-rays  – origin   of   x-rays   and   x-ray   spectra,   x-ray   diffraction   &   Bragg’s   law   and
        determination of crystal structure.
    •  Real crystals – Crystal imperfections, point defects and dislocations.

2.   Physics of Semiconductors : 8HR
    •  Classification of solids, Fermi-Dirac statistics, concept of Fermi level & its variation
        with temperature, impurity and applied voltage.
    •  Intrinsic & extrinsic carrier concentrations, carrier drift, mobility, resistivity and Hall
        effect, carrier diffusion, Einstein’s relations, current density & continuity equations.
    •  Energy band diagrams of         p-n junction, formation of depletion region, derivation for
        depletion layer width.

3.   Super conductivity : 5HR
    •  Critical temperature, Crital magnetic field, Type I Type II super conductors, high Tc
        super conductors.
    •  Meissner effect, josephson effect.
    •  SQUIDS, plasma confinement, Maglev.

4.   Acoustics : 5HR
    •  Acoustics      of  Building,   Absorption,   Importance     of  Reverberation    Time,   Units   of
        Loudness, Decibel, Phon.
    •  Conditions       for   Good    Acoustics     methods     of  Designs     for   Good    Acoustics,
        Determination of Absorption coefficient, Noise Pollution.

5.   Ultrasonics : 5HR
    •  Principles of production, piezoelectric & mangetostriction effect.
    •  Piezoelectric      &   magnetostriction     oscillator;   ultrasonic   materials   –  quartz     &
        ferroelectric materials, cavitation effect.
    •  Applications   based   on   cavitation   effect   and   echo   sounding,   ultrasonic   imaging   &
        medical diagnosis.

6.   Electron optics : 5HR
    • Electrostatic & Magnetostatic focusing system.
    • Construction & working of CRT, CRO and its applications.
Suggested Experiments:   
                      1.  PF of SC, BCC. FCC, diamond and HCP (Zn) crystal structures.
                      2. Crystal lattice planes, Miller indices and interplanar spacing of (100)
                          (110) & (111) set of planes in SC, BCC& FCC.
                      3.  Hall effect & determination of Hall coefficient.
                      4.  I-V characteristics of si & GaAs diodes. (IRLED)
                      5.  CRO-measurement of frequency & amplitude.
                      6.  CRO-Lissa Jous pattems & measurement of phase difference.
                      7.  Ultrasonic distance meter.
                      8.  Measurement of wavelength & velocity of ultrasonic waves.

Reference Books:

1. Solid State Physics – Charles Kittle, EEE Pbl
2. Physics of Semiconductors- S.M. Sze, wiley Easterm.
3. Engineering physics- Gaur & Gupta, Dhanpat Rai & Co.
4. A Textbook of Engineering Physics- Kshirsagar & Avadhanulu, S chand.
5. Modern Engineering Physics- vasudeva S Chand Pbl
6. Concepts of Modern Physics- Arther Beiser Tata Mcgraw Hill.